Beginning Two Audio Lesson 9 ~ 17

Beginning Two | Textbook Lesson 9~17

Beginning Two | Workbook Lesson 9~17

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  • Rrf13

    I just want to say that this textbook series is fantastic :)

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

  • Guest

    Is there provided text for the narration online?

    • kleartextbook

      Due to the copyright issue with the publisher, we cannot post any text from the books.

  • kleartextbook

    We recorded those words in box only.

    • Wen Cheng

      yes but you guys are still miss 왼쪽, 우표, 은행, 감사하다 (감사합니다), and 미안하다. vocab list 1 is fine but 2 is missing those words for some reason

      • kleartextbook

        We will check them.

  • Anthony Wood

    These books are great. Only downside is that the answers to the workbook are not available online, but if your are intelligent, you will find and ask some Korean Friends!

  • Luna

    I dislike this new audio system. The last one was much more comparable with mobile devices. (My laptop has horrible Internet.)

  • Two Crabs

    I do not like the new audio format. It’s incompatible with my iPhone and iPad. Also, my school uses Smartboards to access your files and we have been unable to play the new files. Instead of seeing the list of files above, we just see a blank box when accessing this site through Smartboard.

    • Daniel H. Lee

      Please, read the repliy posted to Luna just above this message. The old version of the page is available for those who have difficulty with the new format. check out

    • Daniel H. Lee

      so.. which iphone are you using? mine is just fine (tested on 3gs/4s/5)

  • tanypetro

    I would like the answers to the textbook have them for the workbook but need the answers to textbook so I know I am learning the right thing before practicing in workbook.