Beginning Two | Lesson 10 Grammar


For Instructor

High quailty ppt files are available for download at the Instructor Page.


  1. Danielle Dinh says:

    The slides for Grammar Point 10.5 are too fast. I can’t read them quickly enough. Any chance you could slow them down?

  2. Annoyed Reader says:

    Beginning at slide 4 and continuing unitl slide 24– with brief pauses at slides 6 and 15 — the grammar presentation on tab 10.5 is advancing from slide to slide by itself, at a speed which makes it impossible to read individual slides. 

  3. Olivia says:

    For slide 6, you can’t see the whole dialogue. Although we do (or should have) the textbook it would be nice to see the whole thing ^^. The same goes for slide 32. On another note, the grammar point on slide 39 is unclear, although that may be a user error.

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