Intermediate One | Lesson 1

For Instructor

High quailty ppt files are available for download at the Instructor Page.


  1. Maggy Wassilieff says:

    This is so useful… especially when you are trying to study just from the textbook.
    (unfortunately, my local university has stopped teaching Korean)

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m glad you find these materials helpful. Hope you can continue studying Korean using our textbooks and this website.

  2. Seon-jae says:

     How can I download these presentation files?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, but they’re not downloadable..

      • Luyen says:

        So sad that poor people as me can’t buy this perfect book! TT

  3. Anonymous says:

    Intermediate 1. The revised version will be published in March or April.

  4. lindenl says:

    In connection to Beginning 1 and 2 lecture slides there are vocabulary lists also.I was wondering if you are planning on posting the vocabulary lists for Intermediate 1 too? It would be a great help!

  5. David Frisch says:

    where are the audio files for intermediate 1?

  6. Becca Newing says:


    With the Beginning lecture slides, there were vocab lists available for download. I found these extremely helpful in my revision. Are these available somewhere on the website for the Intermediate lessons? Thank you.

  7. hah says:

    how can we download the lecture sides??????

  8. Summer says:

    cant seem to find the vocab…

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