Chinese Character | Lesson 1

  • 한자 | 漢字
한자 소리 한자어
하나, 한 one 一年 (one year), 一月 (January),
둘, 두 two 二十 (twenty), 二학기(second
셋, 세 three 三月(March), 三성 (three stars)
넷, 네 four 四年 (four years), 四학년(senior)
다섯 five 五月 五日 (May 5-Childrens’ day)
여섯 six 六月 (June), 六개月 (six months)
일곱 seven 七반 (the class 7), 七年 (seven years)
여덟 eight 八十年대 (80s), 八月 (August),
아홉 nine 九日 (the ninth day), 九개月(nine months)
ten 十분 (ten minutes), 十年지기 (an old friend)
day 日요일 (Sunday), 日기 (diary)
moon, month 月말 (the end of the month), 月급 (a monthly salary)
년/연 year 年초 (the beginning of the year), 年간 (annual),
  • 사자성어 | 四字成語
삼삼오오 | 三三五五

  • 사람들이 삼삼오오 모여들었다 | People started to gather in small groups[by twos and threes].
  • 아이들이 삼삼오오 모여 앉아 얘기를 나누었다 | The children sat in small groups of twos and threes as they talked.
  • 三 | 삼 (셋, 세, three)
  • 五 | 오 (다섯, five)
작심삼일 | 作心三日

  • 그는 무슨 일이나 작심삼일이다 | He can’t stick to anything
  • 그는 무슨 일이나 작심삼일이다 | He can’t keep his resolutions longer than a few days.
  • 담배를 끊겠다는 그의 각오는 항상 작심삼일이다 | His resolution to quit smoking is always short-lived[always lasts only a few days].
  • 三 | 삼 (셋/세, three)
  • 日 | 일 (날, day)


  1. Dainiseussi says:

    I believe it’s more like counting how many people are there at the time. So at first there are three people followed by five, therefore they came in groups of threes then twos, but rearranged in numeric order to get twos and threes

  2. Peng Bao says:

    The real Chinese 사자성어 is 三三两两。

  3. Alex says:

    By ‘twos and threes’ is an English expression in comparison to the Korean by ‘threes and fives’.

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