1st Edition | Beginning Audio Lesson 1~5

  • Workbook | The Korean Alphabet 한글

Vowels and Consonants

Exe. C (p.2) Exe. D (p.2) Exe. F (p.3) Exe. H (p.5) Exer. I (p.5)
Exe. J (p.5) Exe. K (p.5) Exe. Q (p.10) Exe. R (p.10) Exe. S (p.10)
Exe. T (p.10) Exe. U (p.10)

Syllable Blocks

Exe. C (p.14) Exe. D (p.14) Exe. E (p.14) Exe. F (p.14) Exe. G (p.14)
Exe. L (p.19) Exe. M (p.19) Exe. N (p.19) Exe. O (p.19) Exe. R (p.21)

  • Workbook | Lesson 1 Greetings 인사
  • Textbook | Lesson 1

  • Workbook | Lesson 2 The University Campus 대학 캠퍼스
  • Textbook | Lesson 2

  • Workbook | Lesson 3 Korean Language Class 한국어 수업
  • Conversation 1:
Exe. A Exe. C Exe. G Exe. K Exe. L
  • Conversation 2:
Exe. A Exe. B Exe. L Exe. M
  • Wrap-Up Activities:
Exe. B Exe. D Exe. G Exe. H Exe. J
  • Textbook | Lesson 3

  • Workbook | Lesson 5 At the Bookstore 서점에서
  • Textbook | Lesson 5


  1. Maria says:

    I need help with the practice problems in the textbook. It says listen to your instructor and circle the order…but there is no audio for the introduction of Integrated Korean beginning 1.

  2. Cody says:

    How do I download content from the old archive audio lessons

  3. Adri says:

    where can i check my answers after listening to the audio? how do i know i am doing it correct?

  4. Ariana says:

    Why are the audio files not playing?

      • Ariana says:

        I am using Google Chrome. It is still not playing though.

        • ssumer says:

          odd. I have checked it with many browsers but found no error. There must be something on your setting or extensions that would block the autoplay. In that case, right click on the link, save it to your computer, then play the downloaded file.

          • Eleonor Alejo Lomboy says:

            have you’re audio files working? did you figure out what’s wrong?

  5. Djinni Yancey says:

    This website needs beta-testing seriously. A teacher would be a good one to test it, as well as students of course. It takes me forever to figure out where to find my assignments.

  6. Kayiourra says:

    i’m a bit confused. there was a link to the audios and the one I’m on says to listen but the audio and page don’t add up and im sure im clicking the right one it’s really confusing.

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