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  • Workbook | The Korean Alphabet 한글

Vowels and Consonants

Exe. C (p.2)Exe. D (p.2)Exe. F (p.3)Exe. H (p.5)Exer. I (p.5)
Exe. J (p.5)Exe. K (p.5)Exe. Q (p.10)Exe. R (p.10)Exe. S (p.10)
Exe. T (p.10)Exe. U (p.10)

Syllable Blocks

Exe. C (p.14)Exe. D (p.14)Exe. E (p.14)Exe. F (p.14)Exe. G (p.14)
Exe. L (p.19)Exe. M (p.19)Exe. N (p.19)Exe. O (p.19)Exe. R (p.21)

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