Integrated Korean Beginning 1&2, Second edition

The second edition of Integrated Korean Beginning 1 and Beginning 2, textbooks and workbooks, are now available for purchase from the University of Hawai’i Press.


  1. Tamoralove98 says:

    안녕하세요 Just finished interaged Korean second edition beginning 1 and it was wonderful. Easily understood and set me up well for the next level. My friends noticed the extreme difference and quiz me constantly.Thank you. 감삼니다
    Atlanta ga

  2. Juanita says:

    I received my Integrated Korean workbook today and downloaded the mp3. My lesson 1: Greetings is not on the mp3. There are lessons but they are not the same on in my book. Can anyone direct me to the location on this site for my first workbook lesson?

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