Intermediate 2 Textbook, Second Edition

The second edition of Intermediate 2 textbook will be available for Spring of 2012. Please, contact UH Press for more details.

  • Intermediate 2 Objectives

  • Intermediate 2 Sample


  1. nyetmo_keyen says:

    i like this series very mmuuuuuuuuaaacchhhhhhhhhhh…….. 😀
    but it is expensive… T.T

  2. 사카.하나 ♥心夏娜 says:

    Did you mean it will come out spring 2013?? Do you know which month approximately?

  3. skrwitch says:

    Does anyone know when Integrated Korean teaches you the intimate speech level. I’m only on lesson 7 on beginning 1.

    • kleartextbook says:

      It’s covered in Intermediate 1.

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