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Department of Asian Languages and Cultures,
University of California at Los Angeles

The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures offers a variety of courses in Asian linguistics, focusing particularly on functional, discourse and typological analyses of Asian languages. The three linguistics faculty members of the Department regularly offer courses and seminars in the following areas:

Chinese linguistics, Japanese linguistics, Korean linguistics, (Southeast Asian linguistics) Corpus linguistics, Conversation Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Grammaticalizaton and historical analysis, Sociolinguistics, Transcription theory and practice , Cognitive Linguistics, Prosody in discourse, Language Pedagogy

Students majoring in Asian Linguistics can also take a wide range of courses from other Departments, such as Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, and Sociology, among others, to explore diverse aspects of language structure and language use. Students may be given the opportunity to assist in teaching language courses as part of their training.

The ALC Department is the center for Asian Linguistics as it regularly hosts such international conferences as the Japanese/Korean (JK) Conference, Symposium of Chinese Language and Discourse, and Southeast Asian Linguistics Society’s conference. Fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships are available on a competitive basis.

All materials must be submitted online via the UCLA Graduate Division online admissions application by December 1, 2010. Late applications will not be considered. Check the website for more details:

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Prospective students interested in the program should contact one of the following faculty members:

Answers to general questions concerning the admission process can be obtained at or from Mr. Julius Toledo at [email protected].

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