2nd Edition | Intermediate One | Lesson 1~7

Intermediate One 2nd Edition Textbook Lesson 1~7

Intermediate One 2nd Edition Workbook Lesson 1~7

Intermediate One 2nd Edition Vocabulary Lesson 1~7

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  1. Greg says:

    An audio file seems to be missing from the website: Intermediate Level 1, 2nd Edition, Workbook, Lesson 6, Wrap-Up Excercises, G.  Thanks!

    • kleartextbook says:

      Thank you! We’ll take care of it.

      • Hyo Sang Lee says:

        The audio is still not up.

        • Luyen says:

          Same with me, Now my mind is spinning

  2. kleartextbook says:

    They’ll be fixed soon. At the mean time, you could download the entire file by clicking the link “MP3 download service” at the bottom of the page.

  3. sea'gul says:

    Where might I find the audio examples from the beginning 1 workbook? pg. 2, 3, etc.

  4. Jayne says:

    I see the hangul examples from the previous version of beginning 1. But I do not see it for the 2nd edition. Also I see in the workbook section, there are conversation 1F and 1G for lesson 1. But there are little headphones next to conversation 1 A, B, and C. How does the audio correspond with our workbooks?

  5. kleartextbook says:

    Intermediate 2 second edition will become available for Spring 2013.

    • nyetmo_keyen says:

      woww.. u said it will be available for autumn 2012…

  6. Mike says:

    What’s the status on Intermediate 1, Chapter 6, Wrap-up Activity G? It says that the company was working on it 3 months ago.

    • kleartextbook says:

      It’s been fixed already.

      • Kendra says:

        There still seems to be no Wrap-up activity G for chapter 6 intermediate. Unless I am looking in the wrong place

  7. bdbbdb says:

    Are there any plans to create audio files for practicing? By this I mean reverse build-ups of the Conversations, and role-play audio where one side of the Conversation is removed so the learner can perform that role. These would be greatly helpful for increasing speed and accuracy.

  8. Jamaica says:

    all mp3 lesson 1-7 audio file does not work after downloading… please fix it !

    • Daniel H. Lee says:

      well.. it seems fine to me, I tested it myself, haven’t found any issue. did you extract the zip file??

  9. mary says:

    “Minji” in Ch.4 Conv 1 talks very quickly; in comparison, the other speakers speak extremely articulately, yet with feeling. These conversations are much improved from the Integrated Korean website at my school. However, the speaker for this conversation, as well as some others, could help us out by slowing down a little.

    If realism is the aim, so be it. But it’s quite alienating for a true Intermediate 1-level speaker.

  10. Cody says:

    I’m new to the Integrated Korean series and so far love it. I wanted to thank you guys for making the audio free to download rather than simply charging for it like others, it saved me a ton of money, thanks!! Also, I noticed one typo which nobody else seemed to…..If you go to the “Intermediate” link at the top of the page and then click on “2nd Edition Audio” you will see that you have both sets of audio files marked as Intermediate 2. The files for 1 are there, in the 1-7 set, its just incorrectly titled. Obviously not too big of a deal but figured you should know. Thanks again!

  11. Midori Ren says:

    This is mislabelled as Intermediate 2, and is actually Intermediate 1.

  12. Essie says:

    I am a Korean native speaker teaching Korean. I love the books, but the intonation of the voice actor and actress in the audio sounds very unnatural. They speak like a bad actor reading a book. Nobody talks like that in reality.

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