New Online courses under development

Currently, UH offers over 50 Korea-related courses on language, linguistics, and literature at undergraduate and graduate levels. Among them, a few classes are now available online for UH credits. However, these courses are meant to be for those who are registered as UH students only.

For those who are interested in studying Korean language on their own regardless of college credits, we are planning to offer self-study courses online for beginners. Online activities will include interactive Hangul learning sections, vocabulary and grammar exercises, sentence formation, as well as conversation skill practices. We will keep you posted on these online learning materials.

Korean Language Courses Online, Sneak Preview


  1. Jack says:

    wowww, this is great, thanks.. this is the best korean learning resource ever.

  2. Muneeba says:

    yea ………….gr8 

  3. Ami says:

    So much Chinese and Japanese Self-study programs.
    Why not popularize Korean.
    A beautiful language.

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