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  1. clmowl says:

    Hi, how do i access the audio files for the textbook and not the workbook?

    • Lwhzero says:

      textbook section is right after workbook audio files.

    • Koreagirl95 says:

      If you go to the Beginning Lesson Audio 6 ~ 11 there is a link to download the audio for textbook lessons 1-11 =)

    • Antonia says:

      Where are the Hangul audio files practice exercises from Textbook.?

      • KLEAR Management Dept. says:

        Korean Alphabet Section, if you are using mobile(or tablet) device please tap ‘Next’ menu on the top of audio list

  2. Guest says:

    I have the same question.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear all, 
      We apologize for such a late reply. Unfortunately, there are no answer keys available for students. At least, not at the moment. We may consider having them available to students, however. Thank you for using KLEAR textbooks.

      • Elijahstears says:

        Please do consider making a answer key. On behalf of my fellow students and myself, the one major weakness with this text is the lack of answers. Especially if we don’t have a teacher or access to a native speaker. This is a great series, but we do need the answers!

        • Anonymous says:

          I apologize for any inconvenience. We’re still hesitant to make the keys available to students since many instructors use the exercises in the WB as graded assignment. We might be able to publish it in the near future however. Thank you for your patience!

          • trying to learn Korean says:

            Biology and math books often have the answers even if only odd answers in some cases, and answer books can be purchased for a lot of courses, even when assignments are given- it is part of the learning process. It is nearly impossible as a student learning Korean to hear the difference between ch’a and cha or ga and g’a in the listening assignments. It would not be a form of cheating as seems to be the concern in previous posts on this concern; it would be a great addition to the format of the textbooks being integrated.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thank you for your valuable comments.
            I totally understand your situation, and in case we decide to make the keys available for download, it’ll be posted on the main page.

          • tecky says:

            Is there a group where those who are studying on there own could compare notes and discuss there answers …whiles helping each other understand stuff they may not get. (I I just love your’ll textbook many thanks)

          • Guest says:

            I agree completely. My math and science have answers to the odd numbered questions. Instructors know to only grade the even numbered questions, and students can check their work. I am trying to learn Korean on my own, and it would be very helpful to be able to correct my mistakes.

      • Sumit Sen says:

        Please do reconsider your position on publishing the answer keys.  The series is the best by far that we have found for self-study, after having tried 2 others (Tuttle and 1 other). However, we have noticed that without an answer key, we have acquired bad habits that are hard to correct later on. 
        I understand your reluctance to release answers to exercises that are used in university classes.  However misuse of the answers can only enhance one’s grade a small amount with such a difficult language, while the benefit to people studying on their own would be enormous.
        Sumit Sen

        • Anonymous says:

          Please, check your email…^^

          • Sumit Sen says:

            I responded to your email about 1 month ago, and am now waiting for your reply.

            Thanks,Sumit Sen

          • Anonymous says:

            Please, check your email.

  3. Djdrisk says:

    Is there an answer key available to check our accuracy of the oral exercises which we must write? I cannot tell if my answers are right or not.

    • jeezradz says:

      answer key only professors supply
      im taking this course at university and they supply it here

  4. Liselotte says:

    I’d like to know if there are answers available for the ‘listen and write down’ exercises.
    I’m teaching myself using KLEARtextbooks but there is no way to check for me, and I’d like to learn it right.

    • Anonymous says:

      I apologize for any inconvenience. We’re still hesitant to make the keys available to students since many instructors use the exercises in the WB as graded assignment. We might be able to publish it in the near future however. Thank you for your patience!

  5. kiwichik says:

     I don’t understand how the files for the workbook match up with the exercises in the book.

  6. Lissa says:

    Where can I find the audios that correspond to the first listening activitie (useful expressions) of worbook beginning 1, first edition?

  7. Cpenuela says:

    Is there an audio file for the pronunciation of the consonants? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Not at the moment. However, we will consider adding listening materials for Hangul as well.

  8. Mrsgarcia86 says:

    Hello, I ordered my book for self study is there a way to get an teacher answer key since I am not in school and self studying

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of students use our WB for their assignment, and therefore, and don’t post the answer keys on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  9. Hasit Shah says:


    I am self-studying korean with beg 1 and beg 2 workbooks and am wondering if there was a possiblity that you may email me the answer key due to the fact that I do not have anyone to make sure I am not making any mistakes. It would be a tremedous help to me if this was possible.

    Thank You,
    Hasit Shah

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Hasit,
      Most of the KLEAR textbook users need to work on their WB exercises as homework assignment. Per request of the instructors who teach the courses, we could not make the answer sheets available to public. However, we might be able to make it public in the near future. Thank you for your patience.

      • Hasit Shah says:

        I understand, yet some of us who are using the WB are using it for self-study. We have no instructors to help us or tell us if what we are translating or what we are answering from the audio files is correct or not which could be detrimental to our learning and study of the language. The Workbook is supposed to help us immerse ourselves in the written part but if our answers are wrong and we dont know that it is than it would just hurt our understanding in the end. So it would be a tremendous help to us self-study learners to make sure that we are answering and learning the language correctly.

        Thank You,
        Hasit Shah

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you for your remarks.
          I totally understand your situation, and we are seriously considering in posting the answer keys for those who use our books for self-study. If it happens, we will post a note on the main page.

      • 사반나 (Savannah) says:

        Since I’m also self studying could there be anyway that maybe you could email me the answer sheets? I could pay for them too if need be.

        • Anonymous says:

          We don’t sell the answer key.. Would you be able to email us ([email protected]) with this question again? I might be able to give an option.

    • tecky says:

      Hey…I am also learning on my own, If you would like to compare answers let me know. [email protected]

  10. hello says:

    how come there arent any key answers to the workbook??

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of the KLEAR textbook users need to work on their WB exercises as homework assignment. Per request of the instructors who teach the courses, we could not make the answer sheets available to public. However, we might be able to make it public in the near future. Thank you for your patience.

      • Kelena93 says:

        Please do! That would help the self-studiers out so much! I would really appreciate it myself if you do release the answer sheets!

      • Angiefanqq says:

        our teachers don’t even mark our workbook and they post only SOME answers online for us to check for ourselves…so it would really help if there are answers available thanks

  11. Rich says:

    Hello. Are there any audio files available for the Introduction / Hangul section before Lesson 1 (p.14 onwards)? It seems a lot of important pronunciation topics are studied here and with no audio this is difficult for self study.

  12. Kowalski Brandon says:

    there seems to be an error on the vocabulary list for chapter 5.  Bang is said to mean relationship or between, when it should be sa ee 

    • Anonymous says:

      We will make that correction. Thank you.

  13. J. Wesley Fonseca says:

    Beg 1: Lesson 2: Exercise 2 (pg 60) May have an error. Lisa is asked if she is a sophomore, and she answers, “No, I’m a sophomore.” 

  14. Bottom says:

    I’m just having a hard time w/ the audio for the text book itself. It would be helpful if there were more correspondence to the book and audio files.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you let us know which lesson?

  15. Early_summer_sunrise says:

    Well I really like that this has audio since I’m self learning but I don’t know how to tell if my answers are right and I know that you can’t just post answer on here. Is there anyway you can email them to me if I tell you my email address. That could be really helpful for me. Thanks

  16. Ripleyjfc says:

    Does anyone here know where I might access the audio files for the FIRST edition workbooks? I have Beginning I, Beginning II, and Intermediate I, all in First Edition. Please help!  [email protected]

  17. Errol Palmer says:

    I am using this series for self-study and would like to check my answers. Is there anyway that you could possibly email me the answer key for the workbook?

    Thank you,
    Errol Palmer

    • kleartextbook says:

      We don’t have answer keys for self-studying students. However, we’re planning to have an online version of the workbook so that students can check their answers online. We will post the news whenever they become available. Thank you for your patience.

    • kleartextbook says:

      We don’t have answer keys for self-studying students. However, we’re planning to have an online version of the workbook so that students can check their answers online. We will post the news whenever they become available.

  18. Kiona Maria says:

    It’s really really bad that one can not get the key to the workbook. For all people who are self-studying korean this is a must have. I think the textbook is good but how can I recommend this product? I want to know if I’m right or wrong when I’m practicing. If students who are using this product in class are cheating when doing exercises they are stupid and it’s totally up to them really. Exercises are for practicing and when practicing you need to be able to check if you’re right. If teachers want to test their students for grading them they should make their own tests, not use the workbook as an exam. Or if Klear Textbooks want to provide tests for teachers you should make them separate from the workbook. Exercise is self-testing and necessary for the real test later. 

    • kleartextbook says:

      We don’t have answer keys for self-studying students. However, we’re planning to have an online version of the workbook so that students can check their answers online. We will post the news whenever they become available. Thank you for your patience.

      • Kort.1994 says:

         I like that idea, after buying Beginning 1 & 2 I’d be most appreciative if I had a reference to look at so I know if I am at fault. I am self studying Korean, and found that these books seem most helpful. The online audios will be more helpful when I really have to put my brains to the test.

      • JennyB says:

        I’m in the same boat as they are, self studying let’s me work at my own pace with my busy schedule but I’d like to make sure I’m doing things correctly. Thanks!

      • Dudeman says:

        Oh good. I’m self study as well. I researched this product but didn’t even think about solutions being unavailable. When might this online help thing be up? Thanks

      • JDG says:

        Please post the solutions for self-studying students.

        Serious students benefit tremendously from being able to check themselves.

        Lazy students may use the solutions to cheat, which means they don’t actually learn, and thus their exam scores will not benefit.

        Do not let these students ruin it for the serious students. The lazy students don’t matter and yet serious students suffer on their behalf.

      • Jacqueline B Jasper says:

        Please do so. I noticed this was posted 6 years ago. I am self studying and there is no way to check my answers.

      • Kara Von Holten says:

        Is the online version of the workbook available yet? I am self study and would love to check my answers!

    • Jose Gonzalez says:

      I’m glad my teacher allows us to view our corrections 🙂 Sometimes it’s better to find a class

    • Jacqueline B Jasper says:

      Same problem here. Very disappointed.

  19. ramoem01 says:

    This is a really great resource for learning Korean. However, I must agree with all the comments about the answers. It sounds as though many people using the textbook are doing self-study, and it for us it is hard to know if we are doing things correctly if we don’t have the answers. While I understand that there are classes that use this book and instructors don’t want the answers available to the students, I also think that the people who really want to learn Korean will not cheat. When I was learning Russian, our professor gave us the answers and trusted us. It is easy to tell who is actually doing the work and who is not, and it is reflected in test grades and class participation.

    I also agree with the comment about hearing the difference in certain pronunciations (ch’a and cha as an example). Would it be possible to get some audio files that focus on this? I think that would greatly help many of us. It would also be helpful to have some more explicit explanations for pronunciations that don’t match the spelling (the United States, for example, sounds like it is being pronounced with a “b”).


    • kleartextbook says:

      We’re planning to add Hangul section with more details on letters and pronunciation. Hope will become available very soon.

      • Katherine says:

        Hi, I just wonder why I cannot find the audio of the Korean Alphabt of workbook p1-11? I really need that one now!Thank you.

  20. kleartextbook says:

    Certainly. Thanks for your comment.

    • kleartextbook says:

      BTW, there are audio files on the vocabulary in our site.

  21. J1004chou says:

    I’m an instructor and was wondering where I can find the instructor version of the book

    • kleartextbook says:

      There is no instructor’s version. However, resource book for teachers will be published soon.

  22. Xenoking says:

    I am unable to access the audio files for any of the lessons- I hover my mouse over them, the text reacts and darkens as if it apprehends my clicking, but when I actually do click, nothing happens. 

  23. Sarah Lowe says:

    I have the second edition of the Beginning 1 Textbook and Workbook. I am very confused because in the Hangul part of the textbook NONE of the audio matches up, though as far as I’ve seen the actually lessons are fine.  Also, in the workbook, the same is true, none of the Hangul stuff seems to match up.  I haven’t actually gotten past that, but will the lesson parts match in the workbook.  Is the reason the Hangul stuff doesn’t seem to match because I have the second edition?  or am I just missing something and it actually does work?  Thank you!

    • kleartextbook says:

      They all match. I’m not sure if you’re looking at the right level.

  24. andrea kizyma says:

    Hi Klear textbook: I’ve noticed many people wanting answer keys. My college friends also use this book for self study. College students are poor and do not have money to go out and buy an entirely new version of the book or any more resources JUST to get an answer key. If I email you is it possible you can send me the answer key to THIS version? I will sign a consent if I have to saying I won’t share it with anyone.
    Also, if this is not possible, can you please tell me if there’s anyway I can receive the answers SOMEHOW? (I understand you do not give out answers, so how do I do a “per request of an instructor?”)

  25. rin says:

    If you really want to learn a language you need a native speaker to make sure you are pronouncing things properly anyway so an answer key wouldn’t help you much in the long run. Over the years i have found that it really is impossible to become fluent in a language with out a native speaker, or person who is fluent’s instruction. there are too many nuances in language that you can’t learn from a text book. You can check your answers in the work book by going over what the text teaches and comparing your answers to the examples. as for the listening comprehension sections there really is no other way than to ask a native speaker/ person who is fluent in the language.

  26. Jayne says:

    Are these audio files for the second edition Beginning 1 textbooks and workbooks as well? Or are we supposed to click on the second edition link that I saw on the audio page?

    • kleartextbook says:

      For the beginning level, all audio files are second edition.

  27. kleartextbook says:

    It has been corrected.

  28. erik_the_read says:

    This is a great resource. I’d suggest that self studiers partner up with someone to get feedback on whether they’re getting things right. JMHO.

    • kleartextbook says:

      Please, go to our forum and see if there’s anyone who can help you.

  29. epikvision says:

    Thanks for adding a mp3 download service! No more need to click on the individual links now.

  30. ཐསབཞཛཡ says:

    Really love the book, only concern is that I can’t find the answers to the workbook. Luckily I have a Korean friend who is helping me, but for the sake of convenience it would be nice to have access to answers. Thank you.

    • kleartextbook says:

      Unfortunately, the answer keys are available to self-learners only.

      • BNolan70 says:

        I am a self-learner as my funding for college has run out. How can I obtain an answer key?

      • Claudia Zijlstra says:

        I am a self learner of Korean, but can find no answer key to correct myself. Is there any available?

  31. Sabina says:

    I want to know when will have an online version of the begining second edition workbook? I wrote all the exercises and I want to check them.

  32. Syd Clifford says:

    Dude where can I download the actual work book?

    • kleartextbook says:

      There is no downloadable workbook.

  33. Sakari Mesimäki says:

    Where is the audio for the beginning hangul?

    • kleartextbook says:

      It’s at the end of the same page.

  34. Christina Lee says:

    Hello, I could not find the audio section for the han’gul (introduction) part of the work book. I was wondering where I could find it

  35. Bianca Little says:

    Can you tell me where the audio files are for the beginner workbook? I was able to download the audio for lessons 1 and 2 before they disappeared, I would like to use the rest please.

  36. Guest says:

    What happened to all of the audi for the Introduction Section of the Workbook pp. 1-35? Ex. C, D p. 2 etc.????

  37. G W says:

    What happened to the audio for the workbook introduction pp. 1-35? It was there on a different website format a couple of weeks ago?????

  38. der says:

    What now you have to download all the audio? What happened to streaming audio? Korean class keeps getting worse and worse……………..

  39. KKLee says:

    The audio track of part A in Workbook 5 is missing.
    Would you mind fixing the problem?

  40. Jane Li says:

    It just makes me feel so disappointed! I tried to look out where the audio files for introduction part, but there is none. And i think when we learn things,we should start at the very beginning, if the introduction part is missing, how we can go beyond….

  41. Julia Wan says:

    Hi, where can I find audio for the introduction section of the workbook (page 1-34)? Thanks!

  42. Jasmin says:

    Someone with good heart could explain me how to use these áudio files because I’m going craaaaazy… I win all the books but I don’t know how to make the exercises…

    • kleartextbook says:

      Just go to the Media tab from the top menu of the main page, then choose the right level. Once you get there, simply click play the audio files listed there. Use different browser if it doesn’t work.

  43. Joe Malchar says:

    Am I missing the audio for pages 2-10 that deal with “Vowels and Consonants” in the workbook. The audio posted and downloaded seems to start at page 14 even though there are numerous activities on pages 2-10 that ask me to listen to a recording…but where? Thanks for the help

  44. unknown says:

    How can i find the introduction part of audio track?

  45. Max Lee Ketcham III says:

    Where are the pre-lesson audio files?

  46. CB says:

    Please give us an answer key!!!! I am taking a course, but there is no way the teacher can go through every exercise with us to give us the correct answers. I can do all the work and have absolutely no idea if I have done it correctly. Why can’t you provide us with this?

  47. jeezradz says:

    i dont understand how to listen to the korean alphabet in the workbook.
    it doesnt seem to b in sync with my work-book

  48. CB says:

    My teacher cannot even get the answer key. Does it really exist?

  49. Jake Martinez says:

    The zip file is missing some audio files – I had to get L5C1_A from SoundCloud because it is not in the zip.

  50. Kate says:

    When I try doing some listening, the sections do not seem to match. I am at page 2 workbook and I am looking to find C and D but the audio starts with something more advances. Am I looking at a wrong place?

  51. Jacqueline says:

    so are there any answer keys available now?

  52. Farjana Jannat says:

    Hi, as i click on one of the audio files i can’t hear anything. Please fix this.

    Thank you 🙂

  53. TeeMarie says:

    This is a textbook, people. Wake up. You sound ignorant asking for the professor’s answer key/instruction book. Does ANY school textbook come with this? NO. This is NOT a self-study “teach yourself Korean” book. Do a little more research next time before complaining and saying this “product is bad.”

    • dannyR says:

      This being the internet, people stumble over sites like this looking for Korean online resources, and are left with the impression this is some kind of learning project, including a textbook. The audio resources reinforce this impression.

      How many people are asking for a professor’s answer key? They just want an answer key. Yes, many textbooks have an answer key at the back. One them is sitting in my lap at this very moment: ‘Korean’, King and Yeon. It has an answer-key in the back. It’s a pretty poor textbook, in my opinion, but is highly regarded by many.

  54. tensai13 says:

    I just recently started to learn Korean and picked your book out just by chance and what a good choice I made. Your text book and computer resources are excellent quality and value. Thank you so much.

  55. ejohn says:

    Where can I find the audio for page 1-10 in the level 1 workbook? The alpha bet starts on page 14 of our books.

    • dannyR says:

      Weird, ain’t it?

  56. paul walther says:

    My workbook has audio exercises in the alphabet section but I can’t find the corresponding audio files here. I did find files for the exercises up to page 10 but from page 14 up until chapter 1 I’m coming up with nothing.

  57. Kim Anh says:

    Why don’t you add in the pinyin version under the characters because it easier to pronounce the words for beginners. Reading all these characters without the pinyin underneath is really overwhelming. I know it not call pinyin in Korean, but my Chinese textbook have those under the characters, and it’s easier for me to learn. I just got Klear beginner book and the format is really overwhelming. And can you add the pronunciation into the powerpoint because it really doesn’t help if I can’t hear how the words are pronounced.

  58. JustCurious says:

    In Beginner One Work Book on pg 2 section C and D, pg 3 section F, pg 5 section H, I, J, K and etc where am I suppose to download the audios to listen from? I do apologize if it’s on the site but I just couldn’t find it.

    • dannyR says:

      A lot of things in this highly polished site and project don’t add up.

  59. KELLY XUE says:

    Is there audio of vocabulary list online?

  60. Anwar says:

    I loved the audio files and found them essential in learning – well in pronouncing! (nah essential in learning too!) I enjoyed your texts great companion to my Korean classes!

  61. Ryan Cameron says:

    if I may, take it distance at CSU or SMC…

  62. BTK says:

    The audio file for “Workbook | Lesson5 C1 A” is missing in the download. Would you please correct this error and supply the MP3? Thank you.

  63. Diaonna Katrica Hughes says:

    Are there any audio recordings for the Hangul intro chapter of the workbook?

  64. smalldog1992 says:

    This website sure isn’t very ~klear~ about which book and which lessons it’s talking about..

  65. Djinni Yancey says:

    This is not user friendly at all. I can not figure out which audio to click on. I am so frusterated and wonder if I am doing anything right.

  66. Lenaya says:

    Hi, I’m supposed to listen to an audio and write the words I hear on page 5 of the Integrated Korean Workbook Beginning 1. But, I don’t know where that audio page is at. I don’t think the audio snycs well with my book

  67. Ari says:

    Where are the audio files for the workbook located. I am looking for the complimentary material for chapter 1. I have the hardest time navigating this website 🙁

  68. Lili says:

    I am a third year Korean student, so if anyone needs help with checking answers for the beginning sections feel free to email [email protected].

    • Kara Von Holten says:

      I might take you up on this! Thank you!

  69. UnaSpenser says:

    I’m thankful for these resources, but I’m struggling. I have the text book and workbook, both second edition. The labeling system is different between the two. Numbers in the text book. Letters in the workbook. Then, I realize that there were audio files, so I come here. It took a bit to find the files for the pre-lesson section, but, okay, I found them. However, things don’t seem to quite match. In the workbook, section O is about find the works in the table you worked on in section N. Here, its a “write the words you hear” exercise.

    I can get through this, I suppose, but the hardest part: I have no idea if I’m getting the answers right. So, I could be miseducating myself. Why sell the books through Amazon, if we don’t get access to answers, so that we know when to correct ourselves? Even if you sold an answer key to the workbook for a few dollars, I’d pay, because, I’m now worried that I’m not actually learning Korean. I’m learning UnaKorean.

  70. Tena L Troy says:

    Where is the damn hangul sections audio for the second edition of the effing work book!??!?!??! >:(

  71. Shela Zoeybird24 says:

    I am partially deaf. It is very hard for me to hear the pronunciation. Is there any louder audio version of this book.

  72. Scarlett says:

    It is quite frustrating that at the beginner level the conversations are so fast you hardly have time to understand what is said. If this is just beginner level i am afraid i don’t know what to expect at the higher levels 🙁
    Fortunately i have my teacher to ask but it doesn’t give much confidence when i want to learn Korean while the speech is too fast.

  73. Cheryl Merritt says:

    Still no answer key, and when I asked my class instructor he said there wasn’t one, and not to worry about it. So..no clue what I might have gotten wrong. Having to supplement my class with materials from Talk To Me in Korean so I can get feedback on the exercises.

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